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According to the DPS report, Goodwin was driving a 2015 Jeep south when he drove off the road and into a creek, where the Jeep overturned onto its right side, partially submerged under water.

DPS spokesman David Hendry confirmed Goodwin was on duty as a rural mail carrier when he drove into the creek.

She has traveled across North America lecturing on various areas of applied animal behavior, and has been featured nationally on radio, TV, and print. Weiss’ work has focused on researching, publishing and developing program and process to improve animal welfare in shelters and communities.

Joe Barreraz has over 10 years’ experience in Animal Control field operations, management and investigations.

Weiss has focused her professional and personal life on improving welfare for animals. Weiss, a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, was the Curator of Behavior and Research at the Sedgwick County Zoo.

There she developed enrichment and training programs for many different species—from lions and Komodo dragons, to African hunting dogs and giant cassowary birds.

The twe(4) driver for 3Ware Escalade controllers has been updated.

The pccard driver and pccardc(8) now support multiple "beep types" upon card insertion and removal.

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Supported Configurations 2.1 Disk Controllers 2.2 Ethernet cards 2.3 FDDI 2.4 ATM 2.5 Misc 3. This feature is useful when write caching is disabled on both SCSI and IDE disks, where large memory dumps could take up to an hour to complete.

What's new since 4.2-RELEASE 1.1 KERNEL CHANGES 1.2 SECURITY FIXES 1.3 USERLAND CHANGES 2. Reporting problems, making suggestions, submitting code 6. What's new since 4.2-RELEASE ------------------------------- 1.1. KERNEL CHANGES ------------------- Write combining for crashdumps has been implemented.

The University of Montana has been awarded grants to educate the public on healthy river ecosystems, the ecological effects of past mining activities, and current restoration projects along the Clark Fork River.

Our Bird’s-eye View Education Program will run several times a week, from June – mid-August at bird banding stations.

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