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Last year, found that one in six Americans have dumped somebody by email, text, or “other online message.” The behavior tends to have a bad reputation, owing to how impersonal and abrupt it can seem.Being told you do not deserve the love you want is already a mildly dehumanizing situation; revoking human contact during the delivery of that message can be brutal.Far too many men and women stay in relationships well past the point that they know they don’t want to be in the relationship any longer.

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Good breakup etiquette actually serves everyone's best interests, including yours, because you’ll carry less baggage into your next relationship if the breakup isn’t ugly. When you know that you’re truly going to leave the relationship, don’t stay longer to avoid hurting your partner.

You’re lovely, but this is not the right fit for me.

Just be straight out: I want to be friends or I don’t want to pursue this any longer.

The problem is that your partner has instincts and can probably sense your retreat inside the relationship, so you’re not doing him or her any favors by prolonging your partner’s sadness. Don’t yell, scream, or name-call at the very end of the relationship.

By the time one or both partners have decided to call it quits, everything has already been said and done.

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