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Live Chat Ltd offers real time opportunity to engage customers and prospects in a customized manner.We offer voice support agents who take your calls through a web based software and convert your online customers in to valuable sales leads. If your online customers are facing any difficulty during their online shopping and they are unable to explain it via live chat, our voice support agents talk to them and solve their problems instantly.Our live chat agents increase your online conversions, reduce churn and create opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell your products and services.We let your brands interact with their customers directly and analyze their behavior which can later be used for effective marketing strategies.“They like being able to stay up on the third floor and still get help from a librarian, and they like being able to get assistance from off-campus as well.”When we’re doing coop Chat – filling in for other member libraries’ off hours - people will ask questions specific to another university’s library, such as, “On what floor can I find the maps?

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In seconds the operator can see both the users screen and detailed system information such as inventory, active services, processes running as well as the ability to transfer files and much more.

When you contact the 24/7 IT Support Center, assistance is generally available right away.

Or, if you prefer to set up a designated time, just provide a phone number and the best time to call so the staff can coordinate a time to help you remotely.

Live Chat Ltd is creating productive customer interactions through right customer support professionals at right time using effective and right channels.

We are helping e-commerce businesses to build extreme customer confidence and boost their online sales.

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