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Antonio's Reason: Antonio felt that Julann only cared about herself and not of the importance of Sarah's problems; she felt that Antonio should care only about the ones who have no problems unlike Sarah.First aired on August 30, 2009 Tully moves into the suite with the rest of the women, and is greeted with suspicion and ridicule. After all this guilty pleasure, watching other VH1 Shows just for the kick of it and arguably the social aspect, because at the end of the day, it seems like everybody does - enjoying the hilarity that usually ensues - it took the show with arguably the cheesiest premise to get me to this point...I'd have to say I went in for the "peace of meat" bravado in the first place, because I found it somewhat refreshing, that "My Antonio" was the proverbial carrot on a stick for each and every female contestant on the show, and they all knew it from the very beginning - But instead of following the premise and "playing the game", like the many before - this guy somehow seemed to try building deep connections, acting to eliminate almost all group effects with a "everyone gets a chance" attitude - which ultimately made for some intensely boring middle episodes, because the decisions at the eliminations were so transparent. You get it all - the all to obvious soap analogies in the form of a reenactment challenge, the former wife, the intriguing, but good willing mother, the bunny that gets played - this series culminates in a moment where three of the contestants - who at this point want "Their Antonio" badly, can stand in one room respecting each other, as well as the fact, that he has made out with two of them on the same day, just the day before (if editing didn't tweak time too much...I can't watch soaps, because I can't stand emotion that does not come out of the scene, but directly from script - but this made me understand the fascination and attachment, that others could have regarding this medium of entertainment. (born February 29, 1972) is an Italian-American actor and model.Jen has a feeling that Tully is really Antonio's sister.

His other son, Jack, is from his relationship with actress Virginia Madsen, and his daughter, Mina Bree, is from his relationship with girlfriend Kristien Rossetti.

Thirteen women will vie for the gorgeous man's attention.

is making a dating show, but unlike Tila Tequila, he's famous for his talent, not his My Space friends.

The best place without doubt would be Hollywood, and it's A-List celebrity women - there's no doubt that it has the highest concentration on the planet for beauty and high status women. Now, you've obviously been a celebrity for quite a while now.

This week we have an A-list celebrity in his own right on the show, Antonio Sabato Jr., who has dated many of Hollywood's hottest and most well known women. When it was it that you first, would you say, got to that celebrity status?

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