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Best-case scenario The best this ever worked is when one guy used it on two girls simultaneously and added, "I have two moms, that's why I'm such a sensitive guy." Worst-case scenario She thinks you're a liar and doesn't find it the next one! "Looks like you could use a drink." This one will have very mixed results depending on the girl, and it requires a good amount of bravado. What you do Walk up to a girl, and grab the drink she's drinking. Best-case scenario She calls or texts you and you go on a date. What you do Walk up to a girl, close your hand into a fist and simply ask, "Will you hold this real quick? Worst-case scenario She lets go of your hand..probably still laughs. Say "Well, looks like you could use a drink..I buy you one? Worst-case scenario She calls you names and thinks you're trying to roofie her. "I think you dropped this." If you're shy, this one is a clutch, and it works in everyday situations — at the gym, at a restaurant, anywhere. Tap her on the shoulder and say, "I'm sorry, I think you dropped this." Make sure your name and number are face up and noticeable. Worst-case scenario She moves away from you and thinks you're lame. This line showcases your confidence perfectly, and has a high success rate. Best-case scenario She keeps holding your hand, and you buy her a drink.A search online for “dating tips for men” reveals hundreds of these sorts of sites, generally requiring a credit card.Usually at the top is a picture of a smiling man, with a tag-line like “Learn the secrets that let me charm 173 women in to bed in a year”, and a short article explaining that the author, too, used to be a shy nervous virgin until he discovered the mysteries of Pick-Up Artistry.If you are interested in finding out what online dating has to offer, then here are seven killer tips that you might find useful on your journey to finding the perfect woman for you. If you have no idea what kind of woman you are looking for yet, then resist the temptation to join a dating website with hopes that she will just pop out at you when you see her. So, before getting on the World Wide Web, write down the traits of the woman of your dreams.This is definitely the best tip to start with, in general. Put some real hard work into your personal profile.If you’re dateless for this year’s neighborhood Halloween bash, bring your best costume idea to life, prime your sweet tooth, and get ready to mingle. If you want your crush to follow you on Twitter, you probably shouldn’t be following a slew […] Read more Dateless on New Year’s Eve? Here are ten fun — and cheesy — pickup lines to use in the church lobby: 1.Dressing in wacky attire might even give you that boost of courage to try one of the ghoulish day’s cheesiest pickup lines. I’m trying […] Read more When it comes to communicating attraction and romantic interest, people generally think that you are either good at flirting or bad at it. Choose a cute avatar and write a clever, short bio. Don some festive attire and try a holiday-appropriate pickup line on that cute stranger at the New Year’s Party.

In this profile, you will have to write about yourself, your expectations, and your personality, amongst other things. […] Read more Just because you’re painfully shy doesn’t mean you’re destined to loner-dom at friends’ parties or social events. Here are a few not-too-painful pickup lines for shy people: 1. Another solo wedding guest might just be the dance partner of your dreams. Grab two glasses of mulled wine — one to share, of course — and go talk to that cute stranger at your next holiday […] Read more If you find yourself at a friend’s wedding without a “plus one,” note that you’re likely not the only one. That said, church is a place where you’re most likely to find someone who is spiritually compatible with you. If your crush’s […] Read more The primary purpose of attending church isn’t to pick up the cute parishioner in the next pew.

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