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Recently Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin ordered the National Guard to stop processing requests for military benefits for same-sex couples, despite a Pentagon directive to do so.

Their stance, according to Fallin’s spokesman, Alex Weintz is, “same-sex couples who have been legally married in other states will be advised they can apply for benefits on federal facilities, such as Tinker Air Force Base, rather than state run facilities.” But what about non-military gay couples?

Hundreds of couples celebrated Judge Kern's ruling - these anti-marriage laws that he declared unconstitutional impact real people with real lives and real families, and it's important to be reminded of that.

These couples are diverse and unique - some have married out of state, some are waiting to marry in Oklahoma, some have kids, others are waiting to have children until they can ensure their family will be respected in their home state.

On the plains, Cheyennes became known for their excellent horsemanship and fierce warfare. Army, which included the Massacre at Washita in 1868, the Southern Cheyennes were forced onto lands in Oklahoma.

There is not a census for every reservation or group of American Indians for every year.

Only persons who maintained a formal affiliation with a tribe under federal supervision are listed on these census rolls. 76, 98) was vague, saying, "That hereafter each Indian agent be required, in his annual report, to submit a census of the Indians at his agency or upon the reservation under his charge." The Act itself did not specify the collection of names and personal information.

, the long-standing lawsuit filed by two same-sex couples seeking the freedom to marry and recognition for out-of-state marriages, the judge declared that OK laws denying the freedom to marry to same-sex couples violates the United States constitution.

The ruling was immediately stayed, and it will now be heard by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals (with a hearing scheduled for April 17), but it marked an amazing day for the loving couples and amazing families doing the work of marriage every single day in Oklahoma.

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